Titanium is an open source framework that allows web developers to use their existing skills to create native applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and mobile web through a single code base. Using the Titanium Platform more than 40,000 applications have been deployed on millions of devices, leveraging from over 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. Using JavaScript and through a single code base the Titanium SDK provides community developers with an unmatched ability to create quality native, mobile web or rich hybrid applications to all platforms.


The team at Rack InfoTech has been delivering innovative, social, local, media rich, interactive, and extensible applications using Titanium with features including table views, scroll views, native buttons, switches, tabs, popovers and more. Titanium being Open and fully extensible makes it easy to integrate data, content, and services from a variety of sources into mobile applications to leverage best-of-breed capabilities

Rack InfoTech has developed iOS applications across multiple domains and industries covering small to large sized businesses:

  • E-Commerce
  • Games
  • Sports & Lifestyle
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Financial and Insurance Services
  • Consumer Products and utilities
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Social Networking
  • Social Media
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Business
  • Weather
  • GPS Navigation
  • News


  • OS & Production environment: Mac OS, Windows 2007, 2008, XP and Linux
  • Development Environment: Titanium Studio
  • Languages: HTML, Java Script, jQuery
  • Frameworks: jQuery Mobile Framework
  • Databases: SQLite
  • MooTools, YUI


Open and fully extensible: Titanium makes it easy to integrate data, content, and services from a variety of sources into mobile applications to leverage best-of-breed capabilities.
Customers who standardize on the Titanium platform get to market 70% faster and can quickly optimize business results with analytics-driven insights into user behavior and app performance.
Titanium Mobile framework allows implementation of custom native modules in Objective C or Java and using them from JavaScript allowing the extension of the API to make use of all features of the underlying platform.

Our expert developers leverage the extensibility and robustness provided by Titanium platform to execute application programming, application design, and open application development helping businesses and individuals stay connected, perform complex business processes, and stay entertained. The application development solutions we offer are scalable, robust, seamless, and interoperable.