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Aileron Software

Our Software tools are very easy to understand for both, customers and travel agents. Although we don't sell tickets for flights, coaches or rails but we assist our customers to get the best possible deals on instant travels, holidays deals, holiday packages from many of the several important GDS systems integrated into our New Version of Travel software management System - Aileron1.0
Aileron1.0 can assist customers in getting instant quotes on their specific search, let it be one way travel, holiday package or cruise packages across the globe. Aileron1 can assist our travel Agents by integrating the dynamic packaging module onto their existing system or as a whole customized package in finding the best solutions across the travel industry. Aileron1 consists of different modules encompassing the whole tour operator and travel management system.

Module 1: Visa System
Module 2: Pre Booking system
Module 3: Internet booking engine
Module 4: Multiple sales interfaces (B2B, B2C, b2E)
Module 5: Call Centre
Module 6: Sub agents for B2B, B2C, B2E
Module 7: Dynamic Packaging (including business and pricing rules)
Including: (flight fares, hotels, car rentals, coach rentals, cruises and insurance)
Module 8: GDS and 3rd Party Integrations
Module 9: Mid and back office
Module 10: MIS reports

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The Proliferation of Aileron has created a next generation travel platform that can be reached out to consumers for selling and booking.It has opened up several opperunities for travel to improve their customer engagement process.
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