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Instant Messaging System

Client: Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems Location: Costa Rica

1. Business Requirement

Traditional instant messaging applications present a lot of problems and challenges to users.

Problem Statements:

1. Current IM application was not user friendly
2. Weak encryptions for data transfer
3. Lack of a flexible Admin/ Control panel for communication information management and user/ group/ department management
4. Weak Data Security / encryption

5. Unique Reference ID Implementation for Groups, Users, Conversations, Tickets etc.
6. Absent Audio / Video Calling Features.
7. Use of 3rd party Applications to connecting communication server.
8. No access to outside users like clients / vendors etc.

2. How we solved the problem?

Based on a client's business requirements below listed functionality implemented into application

1. Web RTC Integration for Video/Audio calls.
2. Default AES description Methods with integrated option to encrypt individual communication.
3. Improved Database design with normalization and indexing.
4. Application using PHP/JavaScript with access control based user functionality, File Transfer, Group Conversation, Audio and video call support.
5. Java based server side with integrated helpdesk and tutorial and user guides.
6. Better User and group Management using administrator panel with integrated roles and permission settings.
7. Desktop application using .NET technology with all features and server-side access management.
8. Bootstrap UI Integration for web application

3. Technology

1. Open Fire, XMPP Protocol
2. Java / .Net for Desktop application
3. HTML5 / CSS3 /PHP /Jquery / Ajax for Web
4. MySQL database