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Corporate Website & Product Catalog

Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems
Location: Pune, India

1. Business Requirement

Traditional instant messaging applications present a lot of problems and challenges to users.

Problem Statements:

1. All Content Needs to be managed by backend panel
2. Product Specific Slideshows
3. New Website Design

4. Missing Product Catalog
5. Missing live support
6. Weak Search Engine Optimization technics
7. Missing Document Portal

2. Solution

Based on a client's business requirements, below listed functionality is implemented into application.

1. Content Management System (CMS): Administrator section for managing the entire website.
2. Slider with Short description and images of the products / services
3. Section for recent news / activities with a dedicated page
4. Request a Quote, Contact us, Sign up for newsletters, Submit Job Application, Download Product Brochure etc. database configuration for all submissions made by visitors Email Notification.
5. Live Support: Live Chat Support module will include 24/7 chat facility for registered users.
6. cellphone friendly website template

7. Browser Support : Internet Explorer 8,9,10 Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 10+, Opera 9+, Safari 4+
8. Shortcut for Feedback form
9. Product Catalog with individual product images and specifications
10. On Page Search engine optimization with keywords relevant to page content
11. Search Engine friendly URLs which will get auto listed in Google search results, the product catalog will get included in Google search results
12. Separate document portal for all product files, videos, Articles and blog posts.

3. Technology

1. HTML5
2. CSS3
3. PHP
4. Jquery
5. Ajax
6. MySQL database