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ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India)


Client: ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India)
Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems
Location: Pune, India

1. Business Requirement

ARAI has developed a Web-based software known as ARAI vehicle data analysis software: Data to Knowledge in order to offer a platform to the end users for viewing and analyzing vehicle parameter database. The Current Web Application is developed in developed in java and has the User Management and Licensing options.

Requirement Statements:

1. Accommodate the component design and validation methodologies for component and sub-systems as per the ARAI presented flow.
2. Uploading and displaying of the appropriate data in formats viz, values, images, videos, time history files, pdf documents, etc. to be displayed wherever applicable.
3. Data validation at different stages of user input to verify if correct data is entered
4. Embedding of MATLAB executable/dlls to run analysis methodologies.
5. Context sensitive help and common help to be implemented
6. Import of data from the user to be enabled at stages as defined in ARA presentation.
7. Report generation
8. All data will be secured and no downloading, printing, copying will be allowed.
9. The new application module should follow the same design layout which is used by current application.

10. The Application should have the functionality and provision to add new automobile components as well as the Analysis Tests depending on the components, sub components and parameters defined by user.
11. The Flash animation needs to be included into test results.
12. The application should generate dynamic diagrams / figures depending on parameters passed by users and standard formulas of automobile designing.
13. The application must need to have functionality of auto save the test session.
14. Application needs to have custom validations defined depending on the components research database provided by ARAI
15. Application must have functionality to create specific tests using drag and drop layout
16. Application needs to provide functionality to users to import the parameters data.
17. Application should generate testing diagrams.

2. Solution

Based on a client's business requirements below listed functionality implemented into application.

1. 3D Graphical Analysis Module (Image Output Only)
2. Customized Drag and Drop layout for Customized Test Scenario
3. Online Contact us form
4. E-Learning Portal with Subscriptions with Flash / HTML5 Based Presentations, Video / Audio Tutorials, Text Articles
5. E-Learning Portal configuration with Content management system.
6. Report History Manager
7. Auto save function for later editing.
8. Logs Manager

9. Administrator login Configuration
10. Separate login for users (ARAI current application User role Definitions will be used)
11. Loading of documents virtually without storing files on client side computer
12. Report Synchronization section – Reports, Test cases, designs created by all users will get automatically synced with the main administrator section for later reviewing purpose
13. Reports (Users) all reports will be stored in database and user will have access to reports generated by his design for later preview.

3. Technology

1. Java
2. HTML, CSS, Javascript
3. Flash
4. Matlab